Moments of Becoming: Transitions and Transformations in Early Modern Europe

The Inaugural Conference of the Limerick Early Modern Studies Forum

University of Limerick, Ireland, 20-21 November 2015.

This interdisciplinary conference explored the theme of ‘becoming’ in early modern European and Irish culture. The early modern period itself is often understood as a time of transition, but how did the people of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries experience periods of transformation/transition in their own lives and work, and how were these processes accomplished and accommodated? Conference papers  explored changes to personal, professional, religious or political identity and identifications, as well as understandings of transformations of state, status and nature more broadly.

Plenary Speakers: Professor Daniel Carey, Professor Raymond Gillespie, Professor Alison Rowlands.

This conference was  held under the auspices of the Limerick Early Modern Forum of the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College. The conference was funded by the Irish Research Council New Foundations Scheme.

Organising Team: Dr Liam Chambers (MIC),  Dr Michael J. Griffin (UL), Dr Richard Kirwan (UL), Dr Karol Mullaney-Dignam (UL), Dr Clodagh Tait (MIC).

Conference Programme

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